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Arabic to English and English to Arabic Translation and Interpreting services with over 20 years in the private and public sectors

Language translations

Sky Drive Translations provides Arabic translator & Arabic interpreter services to businesses and individuals. Our Translators are experienced in a wide variety of Arabic documents Translations. We spend most of the time to understand your needs and recommend the right solutions. We offer highly qualified, skilled & certified experienced translators. Our Arabic translators have experienced in translating Arabic Medical translations , Arabic legal documents, Marketing and websites , technical and engineering documents, birth , marriage & death certificates and many more.

To ensure this, we will

  • Provide Australia’s best language translations services and Interpreter Services.

  • Comply with clients specifications & needs.

  • Select the appropriate linguist for the project.

  • Use linguists whose native lounge is the target language.

  • Proof read and check all translations before they are sent to clients.

  • Maintaining high levels of quality at all times.

  • Always meet agreed deadlines.

Authorities that accept naati translations

    • Department of Immigration and Border Protection

    • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

    • State Registries of Births Deaths and Marriages

    • Passport Office

    • Citizenship Office

    • Road and traffic authorities (excluding the RMS of New South Wales)

    • Courts of law, including the Family Court

What does “certified translation service” actually mean?

If you require an “official” or a “certified” translation in Australia, you’re actually talking about a translation created by a professional linguist with current NAATI translator accreditation. NAATI-accredited translators in Australia go through an accreditation, testing or recognition process that is tightly regulated. It means that you receive a high-quality translation that is sure to be accepted by many authorities in Australia and beyond.

Example of documents created by professionals with NAATI translator accreditation

Arabic and English NAATI Translation and Interpreting Services Australia, New Zealand and world wide fast.
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